Here is our answer to the Drivers Listen only Devices in Stock Car Racing where 2 Way Radio use is not allowed.

The T2RC 1 WAY listen only Radio is Loud ,Clear and easy to use. Most of the issues brought to us through our Racing Friends have been addressed here.

First, Battery life, ours uses a rechargable Li-Ion Battery that you will not have to worry about Re-charging or replacing a battery during Race Night. Comes with Charger !

Second, Volume !! Our Listen only has been Tested at many Tracks and in Many Different Race Cars to make sure they do what you expect them to do.. and that is be able to hear them !! Our Receiver can be heard in the Harshest of Race Environments !!

Range, Our Listen only Radio has a great Receive range, will be loud and clear at your Favorite tracks.

Versatility, How about a FM Radio Function that allows you to hear the tracks PA Anouncer while you are waiting to go out on the track? This Radio has it. FM Function will turn off when your Receive Freq. is active, when the Transmission is completed, it will return to FM Function if you want it to..

Also, do you want to be able to use it not only when you are racing but when you are at the Races watching your Favorite NASCAR Drivers?? With the Easy self program Front Panel, you can easily enter your Favorites Drivers Freqs. and enjoy Listening to them at your Day at the Races.

A lot of Function, not a lot of cost with the T2RC 1 Way Receive only radio.

Receive only Drivers 1 way radio